The Blank Page

Dear Readers and Writers,

What’s the hardest part about writing?  It’s the blank page staring at you and waiting for you to BE CREATIVE.  NOW.  GO.

Whether you are writing at home or at school, the pressure of getting something on the page can sometimes stop you from putting anything on the page.  So, here are my instructions:  Put anything on the page.  Just to get you started.  What did you eat for breakfast?  Oatmeal?  Write that down.


What shoes are you wearing today?  What do they look like?

Red sneakers.  Dirty laces. 

Good, see?  No more blank page.  Now what?  Write something else.


Red sneakers with  dirty laces.

That is how I start my day every day.

I don’t like oatmeal, but I love my red sneakers.

Where is this going?  I have no idea.  But keep going.  Who comes into the room?  Did you spill some of that oatmeal on your red sneakers?  Did the dog lick it off? 

If you are writing a poem, go there:


Red sneakers

Dirty laces.



Ready for today.

DO NOT LET YOUR NEGATIVE VOICE interrupt your beautiful brain as it works with oatmeal and red sneakers. Shut your negative voice down.  It might be saying:

That makes no sense.


That is a terrible poem.


Who cares about oatmeal and red sneakers? 

Don’t listen.  Keep writing.  Your brain is with you.  Your creativity is with you.  Your imagination is with you.  Everybody else can stay home.   You may end up writing a story that has nothing to do with oatmeal and red sneakers with dirty laces, but it won’t matter.  Then go back and gently cross those words out.  You might not need them anymore, but they got you where you needed to go.

Now eat a good breakfast, lace up and get writing. 

Yours in Rough Draft,