Click Clack Preschool

Click Clack Quackity, Quack! (An ABC Book)

Animals awake beneath blue blankets


The cows on Farmer Brown’s farm are typing again. Duck can’t wait to show everyone their latest note. Just what are they up to this time? Duck’s not telling, but if you follow the alphabet one letter at a time, you’ll find out. And you’ll have as much fun as the animals are going to have, and learn your letters, too!

This alphabetical adventure for the very youngest fans of Duck brings alphabet books to a whole new level — click, clack, quackity-quack!

Click Clack Splish Splash! ( A Counting Book)

1 farmer sleeping.
2 feet creeping
3 buckets piled high.
4 chickens standing by.

Duck is about to trick poor Farmer Brown once again. While the farmer is sleeping the afternoon away, Duck and the other animals are planning a most unusual fishing trip. Sneaking past Farmer Brown is going to be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

This numerical adventure for the very youngest Duck fans brings counting books to a whole new level — click, clack, splish, splash!